Are you that one friend who always overpacks whenever they’re travelling? Yeah, same. Sometimes we tend to pack unnecessary things inside our bag that takes a whole lot of space inside. Plus, it’s heavy.

Here are basic yet important travel essentials you need when you’re travelling.


Insect Repellant

You should always be prepared with an insect repellant especially when you are in a foreign land. Not only will it keep you safe from insect bites and diseases but it can also help your skin stay complex from the rashes.

Sunscreen/Face Lotion with SPF

Even though it’s raining or the sun is hiding behind the clouds, you still put sunscreen on your body because it can also help keep your skin safe from the hidden UV rays. Better keep yourself safe from skin cancer as well!

Flip Flops/Slippers

I know, why? Flip flops are compact and thin. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your luggage and it’s a lifesaver if ever your shoes breaks unexpectedly. Better to be prepared, right?

Band Aids 

You can never expect a sudden accident on the hike or when you’re shopping. Why stop the walk when you can just brush it off with the help of a band aid. Am I right?

Water Bottle 

It’s way more convenient to bring a water bottle than stopping at every store just to purchase one. Plus, it’s way cheaper! Save some money for the shopping!


Raining? It’s got you covered. The sun is way too hot? It will give you the shade. It’s the perfect cover-up from the unpredicting weather.


 Bring your passport or ID with you always because it can help you remove the tax from all of your shopping you purchase when you’re in a different country. If you want to party at night at the club, your ID got you covered. Well, expect if you’re underage.

Power Bank 

We always need to keep our phones alive when you’re in a foreign land. A power bank is indeed a must have!



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