10 Things Single People are Tired of Hearing

It’s hard being single in this generation. Why? Because we always get asked by the same questions.


  1. Walang nanliligaw sayo?

Close tayo?

  1. Plenty of fish in the sea!

I don’t know how to fish.

  1. Don’t you ever get lonely?

I have myself to keep me company.

  1. Set up na lang kita kay *insert name*

Thank you but no thank you.

  1. Darating din yan!

Alam ko.

  1. Single ka? Eh ang ganda/gwapo mo ah!

I know, right?

  1. You’re just too picky.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

  1. Masyado ka kasing career oriented eh!

Mas kailangan ko ng pera kesa love life.

  1. Mag Tinder or Bumble ka na lang!

I would rather not.

  1. Pero may trip ka ba?

Secret na malupet.



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