As much as we love exploring different landmarks in other countries, we also love scavenging around and looking for shopping malls or stalls where we can splurge our money. It’s for pasalubong! Well, maybe a present for yourself too.

Hong Kong is known for their relatively cheap prices and unique items. From phones to beauty products, they have it all. Literally. You know that backpack that you were looking online? They have it and they will give you a nice deal as well.

Here are 5 locations in Hong Kong where you can shop until you drop!


  1. Ladies Market
    If you’re looking for cheap pasalubongs for your friends and family, Ladies Market is known for their low-priced items. They have everything from bags, keychains and shirts that has Hong Kong written all over it! Some sellers even know how to speak tagalog.

  1. The Landmark
    Hong Kong is also known for their cheap designer items. Head on over to The Landmark where all branded handbags and designer items are available. Why not give yourself a little reward?

  1. Temple Street Night Market
    Why not explore the country at its finest? With cheap clothing items and authentic Hong Kong street food, Temple Street Night Market will make your experience worthwhile! Roam around the city of Kowloon with a tummy filled with delicious Hong Kong cuisine!

  1. Jade Market
    Are you a fan of jewelry? Jade Market is known for their authentic jewelry. For over 400 booths, you’ll definitely find the perfect necklace you are looking for! Maybe a matching ring as well?

  1. Pacific Place
    If you want to have an amazing view of the Hong Kong harbor, Pacific Place will surely give you the pleasure. With the minimalist interior and a bunch of retail stores, you’ll love the glow and ambiance the place will give you.


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