We’ve all had our rapid lunch breaks, especially when there’s a ton of work to do. Instead of getting regular fast food or instant meals at convenience stores, give your body a well prepared meal that will keep you energized and alive for the day. Treat yourself to a delicious and healthy meal on the go!

Pure Nectar 

 With the scourging hot weather, a nice cold drink will soothe your cranky mood. Pure Nectar created refreshing juices from our local farms that will liven up the heatwave in our country. A pineapple cane juice? Yes please!

Detoxify Bar 

As much as we love our soft drinks, nothing beats a delicious juice that will give your body its right nutrients. In Detoxify Bar, they have a lot of tasty drinks that will surely quench your thirst! Not only do they offer juices, but they also have vegan smoothies and meals!

Poke Poke 

If you’re a fan of sushi, Poke is a new experience for you! It originated in Hawaii and was brought here in the Philippines. If you’re not familiar with Poke, It’s a balance between carbohydrates and protein with a tang of flavor. Inside of the bowl are rice, a variety of sashimi and vegetables, and a tangy sauce to compliment the whole dish. If you want to have a filling meal and a taste of Hawaii, go ahead and poke poke your way to their stall!

Sushi Nori 

 If you’re bored with the same sushi menus, Sushi Nori created an array of choices. From a simple california maki to a spicy fireball roll, it’s the answer to your maki cravings.


Who doesn’t love a good ol’ wrap? From meats to vegetarian options, Sprout has evolved their choices to unique and tasty wraps. Their portions are huge which will fill your tummy to the brim. That’s a wrap!

Go! Salads

 If you’re a fan of salads, Go! Salads should be on your list! You can create your own bowl or try to be adventurous with their unique and tasty menu options! If you’re feeling extra green, they also have veggie smoothies to fill you up.

Photo credits: Foursquare, Spot.Ph, World Franchise Center, Loloo.com, Sushi Nori’s Instagram, Huwaw.



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