We all love a warm and cozy home cooked meal – whether it’s your mom’s signature adobo or a grand buffet at your humble abode, nothing beats eating and savoring each flavor of your household’s cuisine. Sadly for some people, they don’t get to have the same experience. However, Artsy Cafe creates a comfy vibe with a quirky interior that will surely make you feel like you’re lounging at your old childhood house.  

Artsy Cafe is also farm-to-table, which means all of their vegetables and herbs are picked from the freshest farms, making their dishes tasty and crisp!

Their menu is created for the people who feel homesick. Even for the foreigners, they got fish and chips mate! They got you covered from a bowl tasty kare-kare to a scrumptious sizzling gambas that your tongue have been craving. They even have basil and lemon water that will cure your runny nose and sore throat! Grandma knows best but Artsy Cafe knows better!

With the beaming color and unique sets of furniture, you can definitely sense a restful ambiance.  They mix and match their flooring up to their exclusive chairs to set the mood of a positive aura.

Chill and set the mood of home at Artsy Cafe!


Photo credits: Arsty Cafe’s Facebook page

#ScoopBiteRestaurant | Head over to Artsy Cafe’s Facebook page for more details.

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