As much as we love our mainstream artists with their catchy pop songs, there are also lot of indie artists who create good, or maybe even better, danceable songs. Why not give them a try and #SupportIndie?

Tom Misch

With his hip and cool alternative indie genre, his tracks can make you dance or sit back and create a beautiful love story in your head. This English indie artist will surely wow you off of your chair and will make you dance the night away!

Recommended: Movie by Tom Misch


This English electric duo creates a variety of danceable songs that will build the perfect vibe on a Saturday hang out, maybe even a solo dance party in your room. They definitely deserve a listen too!

Recommended: Me & You by Honne feat. Tom Misch

Anderson .Paak

As much as we love Drake and Chance the Rapper, Anderson .Paak will also give you the same vibe but with more groove! Throw your hands up and bounce to the beat of his catchy songs!

Recommended: Come Down – Anderson .Paak


If you watch 13 Reasons Why, you’ll recognize that the singer of the band is Clay! Shocker, right? Dylan Minnette has created an indie rock band with his mates that will surely leave you breathless from all of the rock vibe. If you’ll listen to their songs, try not to think of Dylan on his own but as a whole band because let me assure you, their songs are rockin!

Recommended: Pictures of Girls by Wallows

Leanne and Naara

This Filipino duo is music to your ears when you listen to their melody. Their songs are the perfect listen when you’re having a bad day or bad breakup. They will surely brighten you up with their acoustic beat.

Recommended: Make Me Sing by Leanne and Naara

Banna Habrera

This Pinoy indie band has given us a smooth vibe with their songs! As much as you want to cry out to their jam, the lyrics and sweet melody will give you the right emotions to what you’re feeling when you’re in the mood for a kilig session.

Recommended: Sorrys and Goodbyes by Banna Habrera

How about you? Who’s your favorite indie artist?


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