Run Rabbit Run has been the new game-changer in Poblacion. With their alluring interior and unique drinks, it surely gives a new perspective to bars around Makati. They first partnered up with a bar in Singapore named Bitters and Love, which helped them craft their cocktails and launch  Run Rabbit Run.

In less than a year, Run Rabbit Run has been brought to life in the familiar streets of Poblacion, Makati. Luckily, we had the chance to talk with Michael and Airell, the local partners of Run Rabbit Run, Ernest, the Singaporean partner and Fiona, their floor manager.

What is the inspiration of the name “Run Rabbit Run?”

“That’s a lot of different stories,” Michael chuckled. “It’s basically a play of words with escaping,” he added. They wanted to have the same terminology of free, running and escape for the word Run while Rabbit was for an escape hole, just like in the movie, Alice in Wonderland.

What made you create an “Alice in Wonderland” themed bar?

In Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass, she likes the reality that she’s in, that’s why she follows the rabbit to that world, the wonderland. What we wanted to do was create this closet space kind of home where the people from the outside can escape their reality and come to this place and follow the rabbit to the courtyard, which makes it like the wonderland.” Airell stated.

How did the idea come through?

It started when they were boxing and had a bottle of beer afterwards. Airell, coming from a marketing and multimedia background, was planning on creating a design studio around Poblacion. When Michael heard it was near Crying Tiger, they called Bitters and Love in Singapore and proposed the idea of Run Rabbit Run in Makati. “It’s amazing what you can do with a 5 minute phone call,” Michael said.

We’re basically the little brother of Bitters and Love,” Michael added.

What was the inspiration with your interior?

Every corner has a story,” Fiona said. They wanted to make the vibe of the place warm and chill. Each furniture, even the small handles on the cupboards, were hand picked. They wanted to instill a homey feel towards the customers so they picked the best furnitures they can find in various thrifted stores around the Philippines, making the interior snug with a Victorian feel. They stuck with the dark wood and cement to create comfortable ambiance and hid the bar behind a library looking shelf so that the guests will invoke a curiosity towards the rattles and shakes from behind.

What is your best seller and how is it unique from other drinks in Poblacion?

The owners didn’t just want a simple drink from a bar, but they wanted to create a memorable experience through their cocktails. They incorporated different symbols that indicated the Philippines’ heritage, making a memory with each of the cocktails. Each layer of the cocktail has a different taste and feel so that every drink creates a tasteful and unique mix of the flavors.

Their best seller is Chillin Like a Villain (Php 400) , has a unique story other than the sweet and tangy taste. With it’s Gin based and peach infused flavor, it creates the sweet and flavorful taste. However,  If you look closely, it comes with a Sampaguita.  It brings out the fragrance to get through your nose before drinking it, creating a very Pinoy memory through your sense of taste and smell. 

Kaya Toast (Php 400) is known for their signature toast and Kaya jam. With a rum based cocktail, it delivers a sweet and citrus taste!

Mr. Truffles (Php 400) is created for the truffle lovers out there! It’s combination of rum, truffle essential, pandan and pineapple gives a unique twist to this savory flavor!

Feel the cold smoke when you get served by the Jessica’s Rabbit (Php 400) It’s bourbon based cocktail is combined with a homemade  lemon oleo sacctiarum and infused spice.

What makes your brand different from other bars?

“We wanted our brand to go well with other brands so we went with a minimal approach,” Airell stated. They wanted their brand to be striking yet simple. With their ambigram coasters and a minimal logo, it easily recognizable and distinctive to the customers. Fascinating, right?

Fun fact about Run Rabbit Run.

Michael is actually born in the year of the Rabbit. Is that a coincidence? We’ll never know.


#ScoopBiteRestaurant | Visit Run Rabbit Run’s Facebook page for more details.

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