The south area is known for their unique and delicious dishes. Sadly, with the Manila traffic, people up north still have to travel far to get a taste of some of south’s well known restaurants.

Mendokoro Ramenba

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ ramen in this chilly weather? Mendokoro Ramenba is known for their scrumptious and tasty ramen. The hype hasn’t died down ever since they opened their first branch in Makati. Later, they opened their second branch in BGC. How about opening one up in north? We want some pap too!

Single Origin

This coffee shop has been a brunch staple for young professionals and titas from BGC and Makati. South kids can easily spend their time for coffee and cocktails over corporate and social conversations in this cozy and chilly place. Can you bring that in north as well?

Santika Naturals Bistro & Cafe

This hidden gem is located in Makati. Not only do they serve organic and healthy dishes, they also create locally made organic products such as moisturizers, candles, lotions and more. With their unique products and delicious food, this bistro needs to be discovered in north!

Drive-By Taco Shop

There are not a lot of Mexican restaurants in north and we just want some! Drive-By Taco Shop is what we need. Sadly, it only has one branch at BF Homes. Their affordability makes it more appealing along with its tasty tacos that will sure get you coming back for more.


We should never forget dessert! There are limited dessert houses up in north and mostly, it’s fully booked. We need more dessert houses up in our area and Milkbox needs to branch out.  With their delicious cakes, thick milkshakes and unique ice cream flavors, it will sure be a sweet hit with the people up in north!


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