It’s hard being a fangirl nowadays. People judge you for loving a celebrity that doesn’t know you exist. We’ve all been there. From many fandoms in the world, Kpop has taken its number 1 spot as the biggest fandom in the world. They are taking over social media and concert arenas with their dedication to their idols.

The thing is, not everyone has the same sentiments when it comes to Kpop – that’s why these fans online often find themselves in annoying situations between comments and conversations with other people.

1. “They all look the same.”

One, that’s a bit racist and two, they have different facial structures. Calm down.

2. “He looks like a girl.”

There’s nothing wrong with guys wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow. It’s 2018, people.

3. “He/she looks like the Korean version of …:”

Stop comparing.

4. “You don’t even understand what they’re saying.”

There’s nothing wrong with loving and learning a different language.

5. “I can’t tell if it’s a guy or a girl.”


6. “You know they’re fake, right?”

They have talent and skill. Plus they practice everyday? How is that fake?

7. “Are they Chinese or Japanese?”

Can’t you see the “K” in Kpop?

8. “Oh I love Kpop! My favorite is Gangnam Style.”

Oh I think my mom loves that too.

9. “Why do you listen to them?”

Because I want to.

10. “You know they’re attractive because of plastic surgery.”

They were born beautiful, FYI.



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