When we were little, The National Museum has been the go-to field trip destinations for a lot of schools. It was all about learning about the history of our country and admiring the beautiful masterpieces of Filipino artists.

Recently, The National Museum of Natural History has reconstructed their interior, creating a minimalist yet elegant touch. Before they opened the gates, there were a lot of people already waiting in line, all eager to see the remarkable change inside.

The National Museum so far only has 3 floors open to the public and the rest are still under construction. It took months, but the result was far more than breathtaking.

There were a lot of activities that can bring out the inner child in you. You can magnify the different types of butterflies, create stencils from different types of leaves and draw your interpretation of climate change. It wasn’t just about learning about art, but also engaging yourself in creating one.

As we roamed around, we spotted five unique and admirable pieces inside the museum. Here are our choices:

1. Tree of Life – When you first step inside the museum, the first thing that you’ll notice is the architectural and artistic approach of a natural tree. It symbolizes the bond of nature and God and how it holds our earth at altogether.

2. Terrarium – A terrarium is a transparent globe in which you can see the growth of a plant. Not only does it look pretty but it also showcases how our ecosystem work inside a small container. Plus, it’s a nice idea for a design at home.

3. The Skeleton of Lolong – If you’re not familiar with Lolong, he was the largest crocodile in captivity. Luckily, his skeleton was still in tact with every bit of his detail. It is hanged inside the Ayala Reception Hall and it is the first thing you’ll notice once you step inside the bright room.

4. Philippine Rhinoceros Artifacts – We all know that dinosaurs are extinct. They lived millions of years ago and we wouldn’t really know what they look like. Surprisingly, the museum has found and kept a few artifacts of a Philippine Rhinoceros. It was fascinating to see and discover that dinosaurs were real!

5. The Abyss – You might be thinking, what’s so interesting about staring into a dark room? Fun fact, Scientists has only discovered 10% of our ocean and the darkness symbolizes the 80% of the undiscovered ocean. And deep deep down, there are still sea creatures that humans still hasn’t  found yet. Scary, right?

#ScoopGoBuzz | Head over to The National Museum’s official website for more information.

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