In our generation today, Weddings have been one of the most anticipated occasion we look forward to. The glamorous dresses, beautiful theme and a bomb reception. Our expectations for weddings are high because of what the modern society has prepared us.

We were all hyped up to see what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has in stored for us. Surprisingly, it was modern and simple but elegant. There were no frills and fancies. Just pure innocence and simplicity. Compared to the weddings of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s, Meghan Markle has created a beautiful aura for her wedding, still with the touch of royalty.

Let us compare the weddings among the three royals and see how each generation prepare for their special day.

Hair and Make up 

Both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have gone full on with their make up. Clearly not letting the people see their imperfections. However, Meghan Markle clearly went for the “no makeup” make up look showing off her radiant skin and freckles. Princess Diana has opted for a short hair down on her wedding day while Kate Middleton has let her beautiful hair down. Meghan Markle has set for a low bun.


All brides have arranged their bouquets with white floral arrangements. In royal tradition, brides must have a sprig of myrtle, a symbol of hope and love. But Meghan has included forget-me-knots handpicked by Prince Harry himself. Size wise, Princess Diana has her bouquet down to the floor. While Kate Middleton is middle sized and Meghan Markle has the petite one.


Princess Diana has opted for a puffy sleeved taffeta gown created by local London residents David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Kate Middleton has worn an Alexander McQueen lace long sleeved dress and Meghan Markle opted for a simple yet elegant minimalist wedding dress inspired by Audrey Hepburn.


All three brides have strutted their weddings with veils. Princess Diana has opted for a very long veil. In respect for her mother in law, Meghan Markle has opted for a long veil as well.

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