We all know it’s fun to stay up late binge watching TV series or catching up with the latest news online, but sleeping late and ruining your snooze schedule is something we can’t guarantee that’s best for our health. It is something we should take care of while we still have the energy and time. Little by little, we can jumpstart our healthy lifestyle by getting up at the right time every morning.

Here are 6 steps into becoming a morning person.

Go to sleep when you’re tired. 

When we snuggle into our beds and phones in our hands, we scroll or watch to get ourselves into sleep. The reality of it, we are snugged because we are tired. We let our screens distract us from our exhaustion and say “it’s only 10:30, one video won’t budge” next thing you’ll know, it’s already 2am. When we hit our heads on our pillows, rest your eyes and think clear. Relax your mind and body. If you can’t, think of your happy place or happy thoughts. Next thing you know, you’re sleeping peacefully.

Avoid screens or distractions. 

It becomes a habit to always check our phones before we go to bed. Maybe even watch TV and catch up with the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Karadashians. Veer away from any digital distraction near you that curves your sleeping habits. Read a book or write in your journal. Maybe exercise or yoga. Something relaxing that will make your mind at peace.

Create a night time routine. 

After cleaning yourself up from the dirt that has accumulated from your daytime adventures, create a simple yet efficient nighttime routine. Whether it’s drinking green tea or reading a book, try to make yourself a habit of keeping yourself relaxed before going to bed. To make that night more tranquil, maybe even pamper yourself once a week to help you feel relaxed. Over time, when you repeat this routine, you’ll get used of being loosen from the stress and will make you sleep easily.

Put your alarm at the other side of the room. 

When we wake up in the morning with the alarm blasting its horrendous sound, we tend to press the snooze button until we wake up at the crack of dawn. Put your phone at the other side of you room with the volume at its full max so when you hear the alarm, you will be forced to get up and start your day. It may be annoying but it helps you rise from your sleepy head.

Get up the same time everyday. 

When you get the habit of waking up before your alarm clock turns off, pat yourself at the back cause you have officially woken up your internal clock. Which means that your body is used to waking up at the same time everyday. Even if its the weekend, don’t limit yourself to waking up early on the weekdays only.

Look forward to seizing the day. 

When we are looking forward to the beginning of tomorrow, we tend to feel excited to wake up. Always keep your mind positive so you’ll wake up refreshed and at ease. Even if the next coming days and weeks are not as positive, think of something little to brighten yourself up. Whether it’s drinking your morning coffee or seeing your significant other, always claim the next day your best day


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