As much as we love our Forever 21 and H&M, many Filipino artists are pushing to promote local fashion with a dash of Philippine culture. As a community, let’s support each other and share the knowledge we have towards locally independent businesses in order for us and them to know more about the talented pinoys we have in our country.

Neon Island is a fashion brand with unique designs and occasion-ready outfits. Best friends Aira Medina and Chi Gibbs are the two fashion-creative women who have created and founded Neon Island last 2013.

Each clothing item has a unique and creative design specifically made by the two best friends. They spent hours to hand-draw and paint the patterns that later-on looks great on a fashion piece. How creative can they be? Not only that but they are also 100% Filipino made. #SupportLocal

They have an eye on modern style with a hint of the tropical fun and classy pieces which you can bring throughout your travels. Not only are they known as a brand making innovative but stylish clothing designs, they also make phone cases and bathing suits!

Photo credits to Neon Island’s website.

#ScoopLifeStyle | Head over to Neon Island’s website to see more of their collections! 


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