Our moms have always been there to guide and help us in our daily needs. Whether it’s preparing our breakfast in the morning or by simply being our number one supporter in any act we are doing. They are there to listen and to give us advice with any of our problems. One can say that our mom is secretly Wonder Woman. Cause let’s be real, our moms will always be the one who keeps the family whole and intact. With all of the stress and crime fighting she does, she needs to be treated like the true queen and warrior she is. She deserves a day of pamper and relaxation.

With the upcoming Mother’s day fast approaching, here are 5 things you can do and enjoy with your wonder mommy!

1. How about baking a cake for Mother’s day? Well, we’re not all born bakers but PaperMoon saves us from that horrid mess in the kitchen. Get a 10% discount at PaperMoon by pre-ordering her favorite cake!

2.  A road trip to Baguio will be the perfect summer relaxation for your mom. Baguio Country Club is holding a free Zumba class for all mothers who wants to cool down and burn some calories at the same time! The free Zumba class will be held at Baguio Country Club on May 13, 2018 at the front tee starting at 4:00 pm. 

3.  How about having a staycation and chika session with your mom in a relaxing hotel room? At the Azumi Hotel, you get as low as PHP 3,659.00 for a room with a breakfast for 2, a hand treatment for your mom and a complimentary check out at 2:00 p.m. Isn’t that the perfect day to chill and spend time with your wonder mommy?

4. How about winning a contest for your mom? Not only will she name you “the best daughter/son” of the  year but it also showcases your affection and love towards her. Isn’t that sweet? At Seda Atria, they are holding a contest for you to get a chance to win a free room with a breakfast and dinner buffet at Misto for you and your mom!

Listed down are the mechanics:

  • On your Facebook account, upload a favorite photo of you and your Mom with a caption telling, what are the #BestFeelingsintheWorld when you’re with your mom.
  • Use the hashtags #BestFeelingsintheWorld #SedaAtria #SedaHotels.
  • Tag Seda Atria in the picture. (Picture must be viewed for “Public”)
  • Winner will be chosen based on content, creativity, and with the most heartfelt caption.
  • Seda Atria management will be allowed to share the winning photo on Facebook.
  • The winner will be announced on May 11, 2018.
  • Don’t forget to like Seda Atria’s official Facebook page for the announcement of winner. 

5. Last and certainly not the least, a simple gesture will also make your mom swoon. At Mrs. Fields, you can pre order a Mother’s Day cookie cake for only PHP 950!  Show your mom how sweet you are! 

Hope you find good deals and promotions that can help you in creating the best Mother’s Day your mom has asked for! 


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