Beat the scorching heat! These Filipino cool street food might be your best friend this summer. It could bring back a lot of childhood memories too! Just always be ready as they might be just around the neighborhood!

1. Dirty Ice Cream / Local Sorbetes – the sweetest way to cool down? Treat yourself an ice cream! Just by the familiar ding of Manong Sorbetero’s bell will bring a lot of memories. These so called “dirty ice cream” is not really dirty. It’s not made from the usual cow’s milk, to make it more Filipino, they used carabao or coconut’s milk instead.

2. Ice Scramble / Skrambol – The Philippine’s cheap version of milkshake. The cold and creamy shaved ice drizzled with chocolate or strawberry syrup topped with colorful sprinkles and marshmallows, definitely one of the sweetest ways to cool down your summer. This treat is usually seen after schools and churches.

3. Halo-halo – Of course, the number 1 Filipino summer treat, halo-halo! The sweetness of the leche flan and ube topping, the crunchiness of pinipig and the combination of different minatamis na kakain, is definitely the summer food that you shouldn’t miss. Even foreigners love halo-halo!

4. Sago’t gulaman – Tapioca pearls plus sliced jelly and the flavor of arnibal? Definitely the best way to beat the scorching afternoon heat. Some vendors also sell sago’t gulaman with milk.

5. Ice candy – A treat that is super popular for kids. Ice candies are usually made from frozen fruit shakes/juices or chocolate drinks. These are usually sold in your nearest sari-sari stores or from manong na naglalako.

With these Filipino pampalamig treats, it will cool you down in the sweetest and cheapest way.

Photo credits to @kianadaguman @dvrfoodie, @vegasdining, and Yummy PH.

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