Looking for the next Instagram worthy cafe in town? All the way from Kyoto Japan, check out % Arabica. This cafe was founded in 2014 by Kenneth Shoji and World Latte Arts champion, Junichi Yamaguchi. Allue Hortaleza and her mother loved to travel the world and explore the best cafes in town.

With their recent trip in Japan, they discovered % Arabica and wanted to bring it to the Philippines. During the opening of the cafe in BGC, founder Junichi Yamaguchi and Kyoto Head Barista Shu Konichi flew all the way here in the Philippines to support and personally made coffee for the customers.

With a hint of minimalism and light colors of the cafe, it really resembles the style of Japan that we all know. Definitely will give a calm and homey feeling.

Opening their first branch in Manila, % Arabica has a very straight forward menu where people can choose between their 2 types of coffee: Blend and Single Origin. Blend is a combination of two or more kinds of Arabica coffee while Single Origin varies according to every coffee origin.

% Arabica also serves different pastries and cookies. Their coffee costs around PHP 120-200.

This Japanese cafe will give you the most comfortable and relaxing way of drinking your coffee. Definitely the best coffee experience you’ll ever have, Kyoto style.

Photo credits to @hezronperalta and @arabica.ph.

#ScoopNowBrewing | Head over to % Arabica’s official instagram for more information.

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