Why is Weight Loss an Automatic Compliment?

[Trigger Warning: Mental Illness]  “Uy, pumayat ka!” feels so good to hear! I mean, it is an automatic compliment after all—isn’t it? We as a society have been complimenting people who have lost weight and constantly encourage them to continue,...

Things We’re Thankful for That Happened in 2020

Was 2020 a chapter that we would all like to go back to someday? Probably not (okay, most likely not), but what would happen to our character development if we didn’t at least appreciate the good within the bad?  I can’t blame you if you’re unaware of all the...

Women in Technology: Revising the Gender Gap

According to the Global Gender Gap Report, remaining to be the top country in Asia in terms of closing the gender gap is the Philippines. The Philippines has closed roughly 78% of its overall gender gap, however, despite these statistics, it is a known fact that women...

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Leading Ladies don’t just exist on the big screen. There are women around the world who definitely play the main characters in their own movies. They’re here to lead change and inspire others to follow their own path. And we want to put them under the spotlight.

She-Eats Online Directory

Yes, she does the cooking. Yes, she does the cleaning — but above all, she does the managing. Check out our personal list of online food shops run by Filipina entrepreneurs!


EmpowHER : Women’s Month Campaign

We love and celebrate women through our digital content. The Scoop Asia is a space for women empowerment for girls, ladies, and women of all ages, races and social standing.


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Davao and Palawan, Come Satisfy Your Quarantine Cravings With Flavored

Davao and Palawan, Come Satisfy Your Quarantine Cravings With Flavored

It is day 217 of quarantine—ladies, you’ve been stressed in isolation, gotten tired from work, procrastinated your online classes, and been ghosted for the nth time. But, one thing that has been with us through the madness of it all is food (and occasionally, good old-fashioned alcohol). It’s about time you get your much-needed pick-me-ups because your Manila favorites are finally reaching your doorsteps through Flavored!

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